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If you want to protect your property from harsh weather, increase its value, and reduce your energy bills, you need a tin roof. And when it comes to tin roofing, no one does it better than Metal Roofing Spokane. We are the most trusted tin roof company and tin roofing contractors in Spokane, Washington. We offer a wide range of tin roof furniture and metal tin roof service options to suit your needs and budget. Contact us today and get a free estimate for your tin roofing project.

Why Choose Tin Roofing For Your Residential &
Commercial Properties?

Weather Resilience for Coastal Areas

Tin roofing excels in coastal regions where properties are exposed to saltwater and high humidity. Its natural resistance to corrosion makes it an ideal choice, ensuring that the roof maintains its structural integrity even in challenging coastal environments.

Lightweight Construction for Structural Benefits

Tin roofing is notably lightweight compared to some other materials, reducing the overall load on the structure. This feature not only simplifies the construction process but also proves advantageous for buildings with weight-sensitive considerations, such as older structures or those with specific engineering requirements.

Enhanced Fire Resistance for Safety

Safety is paramount, especially in regions prone to wildfires or with stringent fire safety regulations. Tin roofing's inherent fire-resistant properties can provide an added layer of protection, contributing to the overall safety of residential and commercial properties in areas where fire risk is a concern.

Customization for Architectural Aesthetics

Tin roofing offers an array of customization options beyond aesthetics, catering to specific architectural needs. Its malleability allows for intricate designs, making it an excellent choice for properties with unique architectural features or for those seeking a distinctive and personalized roofing solution.

Low Slope Suitability for Modern Designs

Modern architecture often features low-slope roofs, and tin roofing is well-suited for such designs. Its flexibility and ability to perform effectively on low-slope structures make it an attractive option for those looking to achieve contemporary aesthetics without compromising on durability and weather resistance.

How Can We Serve You?

We are committed to delivering top-notch tin roofing services tailored to your needs. With a skilled team, advanced equipment, and a dedication to excellence, we offer a range of services to enhance the durability, aesthetics, and functionality of your residential or commercial property.

Tin Roof Installation

Our experienced tin roofing contractors specialize in the professional installation of high-quality tin roof panels and accessories. From advising on the ideal tin roof design to selecting the perfect color for your building, we adhere to industry standards and best practices, ensuring a flawless and enduring result for your tin roof.

Tin Roof Maintenance

Keep your tin roof in great shape with our detailed maintenance services. We use safe methods to remove debris, algae, and stains without harming the metal or its patina. Plus, we offer protective coatings to prevent future damage and fading, ensuring your tin roof stays in optimal condition.

Tin Roof Repair

Our experienced tin roofing contractors can fix any issues with your tin roof, from leaks to cracks. Using high-quality tin, we provide expert repairs, ensuring a smooth and uniform finish. We also replace missing or damaged components like flashings, gutters, or vents.

Tin Roof Retrofitting

Upgrade your current roof with our energy-efficient tin roofing solutions. Our retrofitting involves adding a new layer of durable tin roofing, providing enhanced protection and longevity while meeting the highest craftsmanship standards.

Custom Tin Roof Design

Realize your vision with a tin roof that suits your unique style. Our experts work with you to create custom designs, using tin to form various shapes and patterns. Choose from methods like double standing seam, angled standing seam, flat lock tiles, or click roll caps. We'll help you select the most suitable tin roof color and finish.

Tin Roof Inspection

Ensure your tin roof's longevity with our detailed inspection services. Using advanced tools, we assess your tin roof for damage, corrosion, or wear. Receive a comprehensive report with suggestions, ensuring your tin roof complies with building codes and regulations.

Contact us today at (509) 822-2792 or fill out our online contact form for a free estimate and let’s discuss how we can restore your metal roof to its former glory.

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Additional Services to Enhance
Your Metal Roof's Lifespan

Metal Roof Installation img

Metal Roof Installation

We also offer complete metal roof installation services, ensuring your new roof is installed correctly and built to last.

Metal Roof Inspections img

Metal Roof Inspections

Regular inspections are key to preventing small problems from becoming major issues. We recommend scheduling routine inspections to identify any potential problems early on.

Metal Roof Maintenance img

Metal Roof Maintenance

We offer comprehensive maintenance programs to help you keep your metal roof in optimal condition and maximize its lifespan.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A tin metal roof is a type of metal roof that is made of steel coated with a thin layer of tin. Tin is a soft and malleable metal that protects the steel from corrosion and rust. Tin metal roofs are also known as terne or terneplate roofs.
Tin roofs are chosen for their durability, longevity, and resistance to harsh weather conditions. They are also energy-efficient, reflecting sunlight to regulate indoor temperatures. Customizable in design, tin roofs offer both functional and aesthetic benefits, making them a popular choice for many property owners.
The benefits of a tin roof include longevity, durability, low maintenance, and energy efficiency. Tin roofs are resistant to corrosion, fire, and pests, making them a sustainable and environmentally friendly choice. Their versatility in design and customization options further contribute to their popularity among homeowners and businesses.
A tin roof can last up to 50 years or more, depending on the quality of the material, the installation, and the maintenance. Tin roofs are durable and resistant to fire, insects, and rot.
The average cost of a tin roof is between $10 and $23 per square foot, including both materials and labor. This means that a typical 1,700-square-foot roof would cost between $17,000 and $39,100 to install. The exact price may vary depending on the type, style, and color of the tin roof, as well as the complexity of the roof design and the local labor rates.
A tin roof is usually more expensive than an asphalt shingle roof, which costs between $4 and $8 per square foot on average. However, a tin roof may be cheaper than other types of metal roofs, such as steel, aluminum, copper, or zinc, which can cost between $5 and $25 per square foot.
Installing a tin roof requires some skill and experience, as well as proper tools and safety equipment. The general steps are as follows:
  • Remove the old roofing material and inspect the roof deck for any damage or rot. Repair or replace any damaged sections.
  • Install roofing felt or synthetic underlayment over the roof deck, overlapping the edges by at least 6 inches. Secure the underlayment with roofing nails or staples.
  • Measure and cut the tin panels to fit the roof dimensions, leaving some extra length for overhang. Mark the locations of the seams and the fasteners on the panels.
  • Start from the bottom edge of the roof and work your way up, aligning the panels with the roof slope and the eaves. Overlap the panels by at least one corrugation or one inch, depending on the type of tin roof. Fasten the panels to the roof deck with screws or nails, using rubber washers or gaskets to prevent leaks. Do not over-tighten the fasteners, as this may cause the panels to warp or buckle.
  • Install flashing, ridge caps, and trim pieces to cover the edges, corners, and joints of the roof. Seal any gaps or holes with caulk or roofing cement.
Repairing a tin roof involves identifying and addressing issues such as leaks, cracks, or loose panels. Common repair methods include patching, resealing seams, and replacing damaged components. Prompt and expert repairs can extend the life of a tin roof.

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