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About Metal Roofing Spokane

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We are Metal Roofing Spokane, the best Spokane roofing company in WA. We have a lot of experience in the business, and our expert roofers are committed to giving our customers the best metal roofing services. We are experts in metal roofing, and we know how good and strong metal roofs are. No matter if you want a new metal roof or fix your old one, our roofers in Spokane have the skills and knowledge to do any job. We are one of the most reliable roofing companies in Spokane, and we care about our customers’ happiness. We provide great service and high-quality materials. We listen to our customers and make sure we meet their needs. We offer cheap metal roofing services that are still good quality.

Why Should You Choose Metal Roofing Spokane
for Your Metal Roof Repair Needs?

Trust Our Local Experience

We have been serving the Spokane community for more than 10 years, and our technicians have the best knowledge and skill to deal with all kinds of metal roofs. No matter what type of metal roof you have, we can find and fix any problem quickly.

We Do Repairs The Right Way

We don’t just solve problems; we look for the main cause. Our careful inspections find the exact problem, so we can give you the best repair options for your needs. We are honest and always tell you what we are doing and how much it will cost before we start.

We Don’t Compromise On Quality

We care about the quality of our work and only use the best materials and repair methods. This makes sure your metal roof is as good as new and stays that way for a long time, giving you peace of mind and value for your money.

We Work Fast And Well, No Waiting

We know that a broken roof can make your life hard. That’s why we work fast and well to get your repairs done as soon as possible, with no hassle and no trouble for you. You can relax and enjoy your home again.

We Have Fair Prices And Clear Estimates

We have fair prices and offer good rates for all our services. We also give you FREE estimates before we start, so you know what to expect and how much to pay. This means there are no surprises and you can decide what to do about your roof repairs.

Comprehensive Metal Roof Services
in West Spokane, WA

We have many services in West Spokane, WA to help you with your metal roof, such as:

Fixing Leaks

We can find and fix any leaks, no matter how big or small they are. We make sure your roof is dry and safe.

Changing Panels

If your roof panels are too damaged, we can change them with new ones. We make your roof strong and good-looking again.

Fixing Flashing

Flashing is important to stop water from getting in. We can fix or change broken flashing. We make your roof well-sealed.

Removing Rust

Rust can make your roof weak and short-lived. We can remove rust and put protective layers to stop it from coming back.


We can make your metal roof look new and nice with our painting services. We have many colors for you to pick.


We can make your metal roof last longer with our coating services. This gives your roof more protection from the weather and makes it more durable.

Contact us today at 509-822-27927 or fill out our online contact form for a free estimate and let’s discuss how we can restore your metal roof to its former glory.

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Hillyard, WA and experience the difference!

Additional Services to Enhance
Your Metal Roof's Lifespan

Metal Roof Installation img

Metal Roof Installation

We also offer complete metal roof installation services, ensuring your new roof is installed correctly and built to last.

Metal Roof Inspections img

Metal Roof Inspections

Regular inspections are key to preventing small problems from becoming major issues. We recommend scheduling routine inspections to identify any potential problems early on.

Metal Roof Maintenance img

Metal Roof Maintenance

We offer comprehensive maintenance programs to help you keep your metal roof in optimal condition and maximize its lifespan.

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